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Twin Dix


Trey Alexander is a guitarist from Greenville, South Carolina, with extensive touring and session experience. He currently resides in Red Lion, Pennsylvania, and works at The Guitar Spot. Trey has been recognized as a top 10 guitarist worldwide and was awarded the Guitar Hero Award by Guitar Player Magazine.

With 23 years of performance and teaching experience, Trey has collaborated with renowned musicians including Stu Hamm, Danny Gottlieb, Mark Egan, and Kirk Driscol. He is currently a member of the band Valerian Sun and leads his solo project, The Trey Alexander Band.


Andy Mowatt is a full-time musician based in Lancaster, PA, with a music degree from Lebanon Valley College. He is mainly a guitarist, but also enjoys writing, arranging, organizing, and touring, seeing music as a universal language. He serves as a guitarist for Max Impact, the US Air Force Band's premier rock band in Washington, DC. He also leads his original project, AMFM, which is known for its funk-driven movement, and has been described as "an absolute musical genius" and a "jazz-rock flamethrower on guitar." Andy is a jack of all trades, offering lessons, original master classes, writing, producing, recording, guitar for hire, transcriptions, and original arrangements.


Tom Patti has been studying guitar for more than 35 years and has gained recognition as a session musician for several circuit bands in the tri-state area of NJ, PA, and DE. He combines his love for 70s Jazz Funk with his impressive guitar solos to create a unique sound. One of his most notable projects is his Funk Fusion band UZO, which is known for its high-energy live shows that blend Funk, Jazz, and Heavy Fusion. Fans often refer to the band as having a punk attitude. Currently, Tom performs in his Meters tribute project called "Metered."

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